Yosemite Gold Country Transportation

Yosemite Gold Country Transportation

Early Days in the Yosemite Gold Country

From the earliest times, First Nation native people followed trails and paths established by native deer and elk herds in the Sierra. These became the trails that early Mountain Men and explorers, like John C. Fremont followed in to the region as they explored for Gold. With the discovery of Gold, transportation routes progressed from foot-path and horse-trail, to a roadway that freight wagons could traverse.

The transportation system has progressed through the years based on the economics of the region. From mining to logging to modern times and travelers seeking to enjoy one of the most visited National Park in the U.S. Park system.

Transportation in Yosemite Gold Country has its own unique legacy from the early freight routes from the Port of Stockton and the historic Millerton Road, to the Yosemite Railroad and the building of the modern Highway system that now serves the area.

From the earliest time, where access to the region was mainly on horseback or foot, to modern times with the YARTS Bus Service that connects with AMTAC and regional Air Service, visitors now can plan a visit to the region that can be measured in hours rather than weeks that were the norms 160 or more years ago.

Public Transportation in Yosemite Gold Country

One of the big stories, about Yosemite, is “congestion” during the peak visitor months, long waits, in hot or overheating cars, at Park entrances, “orbiting” around the Valley, looking for a place to park. All of this has detracted from the real visitor experience in Yosemite. There is an alternative!

Yosemite, and Yosemite Gold Country, has one of the most sophisticated public transportation networks of any Park, in the National Park system or any remote natural area in the U. S. In this day and age, you can get on your local public transportation network, any place in the world, and travel to, though and around, Yosemite and Yosemite Gold Country WITHOUT YOUR PRIVATE CAR! Our regional YARTS system connects with national Bus, Train and Air Services, International Air Services and local public Transit networks around the Region